Job Placement Consultants LTD

About us

Job Placement Consultants LTD provides help in candidate search, carier guidance, and employment opportunity in New Zealand. Olga Essina is a founder of the company and has been working as an immigration consultant for 6 years in Russia and for 4 years in New Zealand in a local recruitment and immigration company. Job Placement Consultants Ltd was founded to join and bend every effort of our employment consultants in New Zealand and Russia to maximize project’s success and make immigration process easier for people in different countries.

Our service includes:

* Help in searching for an employment by qualification.
* Help in documents preparation to apply for a work permit.
* Help in creating an original CV and Resume.
* Help in preparation for an interview.
* Consulting in business visa applications: searching for a business to buy, invest in existing business.

This site has been prepared for those of you, who are planning to move to New Zealand to live or work. Here you will find links to the New Zealand government websites, where you can find legal information and state statistics about the country. Our task is to provide you as much information as possible regarding the work possibilities in New Zealand.

Enjoy your journey!

Expect the best, You deserve it!